How to prepare for IELTS Reading Test?

IELTS is the medium to get hold of your dreams to study abroad. The total test time is 2 hours and 45 minutes. The listening, reading and writing tests are taken together. The speaking test may be on the same day or after or before other tests.
Reading Test

Prepare for IELTS Reading Test

IELTS is the medium to get hold of your dreams to study abroad. The total test time is 2 hours and 45 minutes. The listening, reading and writing tests are taken together. The speaking test may be on the same day or after or before other tests. When you prepare for IELTS Reading test, you must keep few things in mind. IELTS Listening and Speaking modules are common in both IELTS Academic and General Tests. The IELTS Listening test is a half an hour test. This section takes 60 minutes to complete. There is no extra timing to answer.

It is best to think, speak and converse with everyone in English only. Move away from any other language other than English when you prepare for IELTS Reading Test. During your free time, you must watch only English movies and documentaries and programs and so on. You must know the IELTS test from top to bottom. Familiarize yourself with the test as much as possible. It would be best if you know or are sure of the time management process of each section.  Understand how it is conducted, how the answers are and so on. You must make sure you know all the rules to prepare for IELTS Reading Test.

For reading, you should practice as many modules as possible.

All you need is practice. There are difficulties rising with each passage but it is not any rocket science. Do not underestimate your skill, and give yourself least practice. Giving yourself lesser practice would bring you down. You need proper guide to practice from the best IELTS coaching Center in Delhi. For those who are not very comfortable in English language, read novels, newspapers and so on in English. There are various people on YouTube, who give various tips for IELTS in sections such as reading as well as listening. But after everything, practice is definitely the key to get desired bands in IETLS test.

The IELTS Reading test takes 60 minutes. Both the Academic Reading and General Training Reading tests have the same format. All answers must be entered on an answer sheet during the 60-minute test. Unlike Listening test, you do not get extra time for transferring answers.


Learn to read

When you prepare for IELTS Reading Test, you must be able to read quickly and understand the most important points of what you have read. This is a mindset that takes time and practice to develop. One way you could do this is by learning a specific way to study. When you start reading it, set a time limit and answer the questions.


Singular and Plural words

When you read, you must clear and understand the difference between singular and plural versions of words. To prepare for IELTS Reading Test you may practice this is by practicing at random items or ideas. Also, say to yourself both the singular and plural version of that particular word. By doing these, you will get into habit and very quickly you can grab it.


Speed up your reading

When you prepare for IELTS Reading Test, you should practice reading faster. This is all about mentally processing each line or sentence very quickly. You need to be very quick in reading, but that does not mean you read wrong. It also does not mean that you will start forgetting everything. Use this tip when you are running behind time.

Understand the Question:

This totally depends on how you prepare for IELTS Reading Test. It may seem or sound simple. But there is a lot of time; you do not really understand the questions. There are times where you will feel rushed, you might speed read the question and believe that you have understood. But you might also have misunderstood what it is truly asking. But just to be sure, you must re-read it again. You might find that you have not understood exactly what it is said.


Pay attention to timing:

The IELTS Reading Test has a fixed timing like all other tests. So, you need to be fully focused on time. Keep in mind that when you are ahead of time, you will be able to focus more. But if you are late and have a lot of questions still, you need to speed up. It is better if you answer the questions in a proper time. By this, you will be able to give better answers which might improve your score in IELTS.


Move on if you can’t answer:

You may feel it is hard to do so. Also, you will feel to give the best to answer all. But, some questions may really be tough to understand and answer. Maybe you cannot understand or you are stuck on a word or a concept. All these are alright. It is better if you do not waste much time in trying to understand what it is.

Fortified with all knowledge, if you will prepare for IELTS Reading Test you will succeed.

Apart from all these, the best IELTS coaching center in Delhi have a proper study plan for students. And in a group, you can learn a lot. It always is beneficial if you take the help of the best IELTS coaching centre in Delhi.

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