Leading educational advisors who can help with accommodation arrangements in Australia

Leading educational advisors who can help with accommodation arrangements in Australia

accomodation in australia

Australia has a robust educational system, as well as universities and other academic institutions that provide a broad range of academic degrees and specialties. Australia is a desirable location because it provides its students with a high standard of living and a secure environment. Furthermore, the cosmopolitan lifestyle of the nation offers international students a kind and diversified community. Australia’s natural beauty, energetic cities, and possibilities for exploration and adventure only serve to increase its allure. Finally, Australia is a popular alternative for many students seeking a global education because of the post-study job opportunities and the chance to get relevant international work experience. Australia has established a reputation as the greatest study abroad location because it is the cheapest country to study abroad for Indian students. 

International students have a variety of accommodating housing alternatives in Australia. On-campus accommodation is available at many universities and colleges, offering convenience and the possibility to live with other students. Renting an apartment, living with another person in a house, or staying with a local family are additional off-campus choices. While living expenses differ between provinces and localities, some universities also aid students in locating appropriate housing.

You can discover the greatest accommodations in Australia with the assistance of the top education advisors in India, who are listed below:


When individuals look for “best study abroad consultants near me” on Google, IOA Global is one of the top educational consultancies in Delhi. Founded in 2006, they assist students with housing advice, IELTS, PTE, visa applications, counseling, course selection, and university selection utilizing cutting-edge techniques. Students have access to professionals who can help, answer their questions, and make it easier for them to get into the colleges of their choice. They will assist you in selecting the best university and the greatest lodging options nearby that university, whether you are applying for an autumn or spring intake. To fulfill all of the deadlines for the accommodations, you will get help from the experts. With their advice, students can select the most advantageous and reasonably priced accommodations.

Website-  https://ioaglobal.co.in/

Address: I-59/60, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, 110024

Contact number: +91 9205294961


When it comes to placing foreign students in India, IDP is the market leader and a well-known brand. Even, they offer a range of services, including assistance with applications, recommendations for institutions, and assistance with visas and lodging. Because of their broad network of links with universities throughout the globe and the specialized guidance and support that their expert counselors provide throughout the entire process, they are a well-liked choice among students. However, they will support you as you search for the ideal accommodations. As the cheapest country to study abroad for Indian students, Australia is frequently the destination of choice for students.

Address: Rajouri Garden, Nehru Place, Noida


Talented Indian students should get in touch with LeapScholar if they want to pursue higher education abroad. Their objective is to assist future world leaders as they hunt for work overseas. Leap Scholar provides in-depth guidance on the accommodation procedure in Australia and will inform you of all the rules you must adhere to when finishing the procedure. Leap Scholar, meanwhile, can come up as the top result if you type “study abroad consultants near me” into a search engine. 

Address: Sector 6 of HSR Layout in Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560102: 51, 12th Main Rd.


With Akshay Chaturvedi, Leverage Edu made its debut at the beginning of the year. For students from Nepal, India, Nigeria, and other developing countries wanting to enroll in universities overseas, he created the best application process and assisted them in finding housing. You’ll learn about the best services offered by institutions to international students who want to target and pursue higher education.

Address: Windsor Grand, Raipur Khadar, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201313

  • EDWISE – 

Edwise Foreign, one of the leading consulting companies for international education, offers specialized advising services and puts equal focus and effort into each step of the study abroad process. However, for students to be admitted to the universities of their choice, the organization is committed to giving them a rich and inspiring study abroad experience. In addition, they assist students in locating the best on- or off-campus housing options. 

Address: South Extension I, New Delhi

Australia’s robust educational system, high standard of living, secure environment, diverse and cosmopolitan lifestyle, and stunning natural beauty make it a desirable study destination for international students. The country offers a range of accommodating housing options, including on-campus residences and off-campus choices like renting apartments, sharing houses, or staying with local families.






The top five educational consultants offering pre-departure services in Delhi

The top five educational consultants offering pre-departure services in Delhi


Are you searching for the best career advice from someone who also provides pre-departure services? So don’t worry; we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 educational consultants who can help you go through all of your confusion about studying abroad and higher education.

To study abroad, everyone needs a reliable consulting institution and service. Experts are the only ones who can adequately respond to queries about tuition costs, visa requirements, financial aid, and selecting the finest universities. 

Many Delhi residents want to study overseas. It is crucial to pick the best study abroad consultant or counselor for you because there are so many of them emerging every day. When selecting the top study abroad consultant in Delhi, you should take a number of things into account, such as ROI, paid or unpaid services, etc. Here are the best 5 study abroad consultants in Delhi:

  1. Infinite Opportunities Abroad
  2. Fateh Education 
  3. IDP
  4. Edwise International
  5. Colluni

Let’s see what these educational consultants bring to us:

  • IOA Global

Well known for its services and training, IOA Global is a notable educational consultant in Delhi that offers various options to students while studying abroad. IOA Global guides and supports students in building their path towards higher education in overseas countries. IOA Global welcomes students with full warmth and trust to assist their students in IELTS/PTE training, accommodation research, choosing the right course, successful visa application, free counseling, dealing with the best international universities, receiving a fully real offer letter from their preferred university, SOP review, and also providing them with various opportunities.

If you are looking for perfect guidance with productive services, then you must contact IOA Global counselors for much more information.

Official website: https://ioaglobal.in/

Address: I-59/60, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, 110024

Contact no.: +91 9205294961

  • Fateh Education

Since it began in 2004, Fateh has helped more than 30,000 students get into their desired foreign colleges.

99% of Irish visa applications are approved, and Fateh has won the title of “Best Agent of the Year” more than four times in a row! Fateh is unquestionably the best option for students who want to study abroad in the UK  or Ireland in particular and who want to do so in those countries.

Location: Patel Nagar, New Delhi

  • IDP

IDP is a market leader in placing international students and is well-known in India. They provide a variety of services, such as university selection, help with applications, and visa advice. They are a popular option for students due to their wide network of links with colleges throughout the world and the individualized help and support that their professional counselors offer throughout the entire process.

Location: Rajouri Garden and Other Outlets

  • Edwise International, New Delhi

One of the best consulting firms for international education, Edwise International, has a wealth of knowledge. Additionally, they provide individualized counseling services that give each step of the study abroad process equal attention and effort. The organization is dedicated to giving students a thorough and encouraging study abroad experience that enables them to get accepted to the schools of their choice.

Location: South Extension I of IDP in New Delhi

  • Colluni

Colluni helps students who want to study abroad with all they need, including university shortlisting, document and application help, loans, scholarships, and visas. The US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Sweden, Italy, Finland, and many more are among the top countries that Colluni sends its students to.

Colluni, which is located in New Delhi, is unquestionably one of the best centers for future study abroad students worldwide!

Location: Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi


So, these were the best 5 consultants in Delhi who provide extensive assistance to their students and fulfill their dreams from the first step of the application process until you fly to your favorite destination.

Ten Common Scholarships to be awarded to Indian Students in 2023 to Attend UK Universities:

Ten Common Scholarships to be awarded to Indian Students in 2023 to Attend UK Universities:

The United Kingdom is a powerful and attractive study-abroad destination. Meritorious international students are awarded a scholarship to lower their financial burden. Universities, governments, and private organizations grant thousands of scholarships. These scholarships are given to international students to help them study at the top universities in the United Kingdom. 

Benefits of Scholarships:


Receiving a scholarship is prestigious. A scholarship is rewarded to people based on merit. Thus obtaining a scholarship encapsulates many benefits that are highlighted below: 

  • Financial assistance: Educational expenses have reached new heights, thus making it difficult for students to enrol in the best university. Sometimes financial scarcity becomes a hurdle in pursuing higher education. This leads to the dropping out of students, so the government and many private institutions have come up with the concept of providing scholarships. Students with good academic scores are awarded a scholarship. Some students tend to burden themselves with huge loans.
  • Enhance resume: A student’s resume gains credibility when mentioning a scholarship. Adding a scholarship to a resume leaves a positive impression on interviewers. A scholarship is reflective of the hard work and potential of a candidate.
  • Focus on career: The student will no longer worry about finances after receiving a scholarship. This will help them to focus on their academics. Since scholarships cover most of the expenses, students are not required to do a part-time job and can concentrate on their studies.

Scholarships for students from India to study in the UK:

Below are listed some famous scholarships that Indian students receive to study in the UK:

  1. Chevening Scholarship:

Government of the UK awards international students with a Chevening scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to students with excellent academic scores. The British government provides scholarships to those students who wish to pursue a one-year postgraduate program in the UK. This scholarship entails great benefits like high-quality education, exposure to diverse cultures, etc. 

Eligibility criteria:

  • An applicant with a bachelor’s degree and two years of working experience
  • A score on the English Proficiency Test
       2. Commonwealth Fellowship Plan and Masters Scholarships: 

Talented students of excellent calibre are given Commonwealth Fellowship Plan by the government. Under this scholarship, the entire tuition fee and airfare expenses are covered. 

Eligibility criteria:

  • Applicant must not be more than 40 years of age
  • Should be a resident of India
  • Shortlisted candidates need to appear for an interview in New Delhi 
       3. Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree Scholarship:

The European Union offers Erasmus Mundus Scholarship. This is one of the significant scholarships covering travel expenses, tuition fees, installation costs, and monthly allowances.  

Eligibility criteria:

  • Either a student must have a degree in the same field or have immense knowledge about the area.
       4. Felix Scholarship: 

Felix Scholarships gift underprivileged students a chance to advance their education. The students granted this scholarship will be allowed to study at universities in the UK. Every year six scholarships are awarded to international students. 

Eligibility criteria:

  • Applicant must be at most 30 years of age. 
  • Must possess a bachelor’s degree from an esteemed Indian university
       5. Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship (CWIT):

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship (CWIT) is introduced by British Council. A maximum of 10 scholarships are offered to students. This scholarship is not concerned with providing only tuition fees, but accommodation and living expenses are included in it. 

Eligibility criteria:

  • Must possess a degree or diploma in their respective field. 
  • Age should be between 25 to 38 years.
       6. Scotland Saltire Scholarship:  

The Scottish government, in collaboration with Scottish universities, is awarding Indian students with Scotland Saltire Scholarship. Students who aspire to pursue a Master’s degree and lead the world are given this scholarship. 

Eligibility criteria:

  • Citizens of India, China, Canada, Pakistan, Japan, or the USA can claim this scholarship.
  • Students must be eligible to bear the cost of living 
  • Students should meet the language requirement criteria
       7. Rhodes scholarship:

The University of Oxford brings students the Rhodes scholarship. Indian students with sharp intellect, capability, and leadership traits are the first choice of the scholarship provider. Under this scholarship, airfare, tuition fee, and health insurance are covered. Every year, five students are awarded the Rhodes scholarship.  

Eligibility criteria: 

  • Age should be between 19 to 25 years
  • A student should possess an undergraduate degree in first class
  • A student must have pursued 4 – 10 years of formal schooling in an Indian institution 
       8. A.S Hornby Educational Trust Scholarship:

A.S. Hornby Educational Trust Scholarship is introduced to provide international English language students to pursue a master’s from the University of Warwick in TESOL. The scholarship is renowned for covering living and accommodation expenses, airfare, visa, and a monthly stipend. 

 Eligibility criteria:

  • Applicants from countries listed in the DAC list are welcome.
  • Must have three years of full-time English language teaching experience
       9. British Council Great Scholarships for Indian students:

Indian students longing to study in the UK are gifted with a Great Scholarship funded by the British Council and the government of the UK’s GREAT Britain campaign. 25 Indian students will be awarded a scholarship covering a minimum of £10,000 against tuition fees for a one-year postgraduate degree.  

Eligibility criteria:

  • Must be an Indian citizen
  • Should possess an undergraduate degree and should be passionate about the subject area
       10. Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships:

John’s College launched Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarship in honour of Manmohan Singh. Indian students pursuing doctoral programs from St. John’s College and the University of Cambridge are allotted this scholarship. 

Eligibility criteria:

  • Applications in the field of Aerospace Engineering are given the highest priority. 



Multiple types of scholarships are provided for international students by the government of the UK. Students from different backgrounds and nationalities are eligible for these scholarships. However, the number of fellowships granted may differ as per the criteria. These scholarships are brought forward to help Indian students realize their dreams of pursuing education in the United Kingdom.  


Study Abroad Intakes: Fall Intake vs. Spring Intake:

Study Abroad Intakes: Fall Intake vs. Spring Intake:

Study Abroad Intakes: Fall Intake vs. Spring Intake:

The question of fall vs. spring intake always puzzles international students who wish to migrate abroad for studies. If you are one of those who are planning to study abroad, then you must be aware of the intake system of different countries. Usually, universities accept applications from international students either in the fall intake or in the spring intake. The fall intake means admissions for courses that run from September to December, i.e., the fall semester. On the other hand, the spring intake means admission for courses that begins in January and ends in May.

Why are there two intakes?

After analyzing the number of applications to a university for different programs in a year, the universities concluded to opt for two intakes. Certain challenges were hard to deal with because of the multiple applications of international students. The major task was to accommodate students in a particular semester. It’s quite impossible for universities to admit thousands of students in a semester in a university. Also, to introduce flexibility in the system and ease the students, the approach of two different intakes is adopted by universities globally.

Why fall intake is better?

Fall intake runs from September to December, almost all the courses are available for this intake. Here are the reasons, why students should apply for fall intake:

  • Select your favorite course: Almost all the university extends multiple courses for this season. Most of the students who wish to pursue a particular course can find it easily. In spring intake these courses get limited to a few creating barriers for students.
  • Financial assistance: The foreign university and governments of different countries offer scholarships to international students every year. Multiple scholarships are offered to international students in fall intake as compared to spring intake.
  • Easy admission: Higher chances to get admission to your dream university since all universities offer admission in the fall semester. In spring intake the student tends to limit themselves, as there are high chances that their favorite university is not accepting admissions.
  • High chances to get internship and job offers: The student can apply for an internship if they have completed two semesters. This is possible only if they take admission in the fall intake.
  • Research assistant: International universities do not hire research assistants or any researcher until the mid-fall semester. The students admitted in the fall semester will have an opportunity to work as a research assistants.

Why spring intake is better?

Spring intake runs from January to May, in this intake chances of admission are high. Below are mentioned the reason for same:

  • Higher chances of getting admission: Since most of the students wish to enroll themselves for fall intake, this increases the chance for the admission of international students.
  • Low competition: Few students wish to take admission in the spring intake. So, the competition level is low. This low competition allows students to get better exposure and the classroom size will also be going to be small.
  • More time to prepare for IELTS: Indian students who get graduated in May or June, have more time to study for IELTS. There is a high chance that these students will clear IELTS on the first attempt.

Comparison between spring and fall intake:

There are multiple aspects on the basis of which, a comparison can be laid out between spring and fall intake. Let’s discuss these points one by one:

Courses: The courses offered in different universities vary as per the season. In the fall intake, multiple courses are available for international students however limited courses are open for students in the spring intake.

Scholarships: Multiple scholarships are made available by the government for international students. Even, scholarships for studying abroad by the Indian government have an immense effect on the admission rate. These scholarships are provided more for fall intake as compared to spring intake.

Universities: There are certain universities that accept applications once a year only, which is usually in the fall semester. Mainly top universities do not open admission in spring intake, so you need to look after that. Even, Indian students who to study in the USA should apply for the fall semester, since fall is best.

Acceptance rate: In fall intake there are higher chances for international students to get accepted by the universities, due to high competition. On the other hand, there is limited admission in spring intake which also increases the chances of getting accepted by the university. Certain universities might not accept admission in spring intake, so beware of it and choose wisely.

Jobs and Internships opportunities: the internships and jobs are provided to students who have completed two semesters. So, the student who will get admitted into the university in the fall intake has a chance to get an internship the next fall. On the contrary, the students from the spring intake will lack experience since they would have completed only one semester.

Competition: The level of competition differs according to different intakes. For the fall intake, most of the students aspire to submit applications leading to high competition among students in acceptance rate. On the other hand, fewer students apply for spring intake thus, low competition among students.

Co-curricular Activities: Getting admission in the fall intake assures you ample opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities and become a part of different clubs. In case, you take admission in the spring intake then the chances of enjoying and becoming a part of co-curricular clubs are limited.

Research Assistant: The academic year begins in the fall semester in most countries. Usually, in the initial segment, the universities do not hire any researchers. If you have started studying in the fall semester, then you have an add-on opportunity to work as a research assistant in the fall semester.


Most universities from around the world accept international students in the fall and spring intakes. It is preferable to take admission in the fall intake due to the excess opportunities available for the students. However, it is also dependent on the course and university you are applying for. If the university you aiming to study at offers the desired course in spring intake then go for spring intake. Lastly, applying for fall or spring intake totally depends on the student and what are your future plans.

Top 10 Study abroad consultants in India:

Top 10 Study abroad consultants in India:

Every second student has a dream to study abroad. Studying abroad has topped the chart of students to get better exposure. The complex application process and lack of knowledge pave a way for study-abroad consultancies to operate. The work of study abroad consultancy is to make the journey of students smooth and hassle-free.

Check out the list of the best study abroad consultancy in India here!

IOA Global:

IOA Global is the leading study abroad consultant in India with a consistently higher ranking among the top 10 overseas education consultants. As a pioneer in the study abroad industry, they provide free counseling to students and show them the road to success. To all the study abroad related queries, IOA Global is the one-stop solution assisting students in their endeavor to study abroad.

IOA Global offers comprehensive services to its students from counseling to course and university selection to financial assistance, visa lodging, and everything else. They are not limited to offering pre-departure services, but they extend guiding hands to students to tackle problems faced by them after reaching their preferred university. IOA Global offers a bouquet of post-departure services including accommodation facilities, travel, and range facilities.

Over the years, the platform has helped thousands of students to realize their dreams to study abroad. Students feel blessed to take consultation from IOA Global as they were guided at each step. There are over 10,000 universities abroad and over 90,000 courses available for students, thus IOA ensures that students get admission into their preferred university and course.

Bouquet of services offered by IOA Global:

You can reach out to IOA Global by giving them a call at 092052 94961 or visiting them on L-102, near Axis Bank, Block L, Lajpat Nagar II, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110024.


Yocket is the finest AI-driven platform providing study-abroad counseling to students from diverse backgrounds. Their premium services include university selection, scholarships to students, financial assistance, and help in the visa application process. The package provided by Yocket includes multiple services like education loans, study loans, course recommendation and admission, and IELTS exam preparation. They have helped students to find the right course and university for them over the years.


It is also one of the leading study abroad consultants and has multiple services to offer to students aspiring to study abroad. Study abroad experts are concerned with guiding students at every step. They enlighten students with what are the requirements of the university and how being a student you can fulfill those requirements.

GeeBee helps students to get into the following countries:


SI-UK is a platform that aims to support and guide students who aspire to study in the UK. Their experienced counselors assure that students get success in study abroad-related matters. They do not undertake various countries but specialize in sending students to the UK. SI-UK concentrates on providing students with wide-ranging services from scholarships, to the visa application process, and fulfilling admission requirements to study in the UK. The primary and only focus is on promoting the UK as the study destination, which is why they are experts in educational queries related to the UK.


After the success of Mastersportal.com, PhDportal.com, and Bachelorsportal.com, another portal naStudyportals.com was launched. This platform has guided a considerable amount of students to make informed choices to study abroad.  This portal is designed to simplify the task of finding the top international university. So far, Studyportals has helped hundreds of students to achieve their dreams to study abroad.

KC Overseas:

KC Overseas consultants put effort to provide students with quick and easy solutions to study abroad. KC overseas has esteemed counselors to guide and show them a way to get themselves enrolled in one of the top universities in different countries. They focus a great deal on offering and assisting students to explore study abroad options. KC Overseas helps students to navigate the best university and country for pursuing higher education.

Edwise International:

Edwise International is a leading consultancy to provide students with solutions on overseas-related matters. Expert counselors tend to assist students in making the right choice. Expert counselors give the right advice to students after digging deep into their academic background and passion. They provide services to students for higher education in different countries including:

  • UK
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia


Based in Mangalore, Eduworld operates to provide students pan-India to find their way to get admission into any elite university abroad. Eduworld consultant offers wide-ranging services to students including counseling, visa application filling, pre-departure support, and course advice. They have a mission to guide students and help them select appropriate educational paths abroad.


iSchoolConnect is a digital platform that operates in the market to simplify the route of students toward achieving their dreams to study abroad. The online platform of iSchoolConnect will quickly recommend you the best university and course for you. The unique platform is accessible to all students and provides them with tailored advice to students around India.


Headquartered in Bengaluru, LeapScholar aims at offering consultation services to students aspiring to study abroad. Usually, their services are focused on sending students to Australia, Canada, the UK, the USA, and Ireland. LeapScholar plans everything for you from finances to reviewing SOP to filing Visa applications and other procedural steps. Students looking forward to studying abroad can give them a call for a free consultation.


Study abroad consultancies help students to get closer to their study abroad dreams. After analyzing students’ profiles they recommend universities and countries to students. Usually, study abroad consultancies are focused on assisting students at every step of admission.  They create a room for hope for students aspiring to study abroad. These consultancies have already done extensive research in the field of education which gives them an opportunity to guide students.