A Statement of Purpose(SOP), reflects your personality traits which is not generally covered by your academic profile. The SOP is an extremely important document required by universities across the globe for admission hence should be written properly with a free mind. Your statement of purpose is unique to you and should focus on answering questions such as

  • What makes you? i.e. why you are what you are today
  • What inspired you to make the career decision you have made?
  • What are your future goals?
  • How you are planning to achieve them?.
Before you start writing your SOP, it is advisable to :
  • Do it when your mind is free of clutter and you have 2-3 hours of undisturbed time.
  • Note down all the important events in your life which have made a lasting impact on you.
  • Write down the goals, you may have for yourself
  • Research about the country, university and course you are applying for.
Now you are ready to create an impressive statement of purpose for yourself