Why study in New Zealand in 2024: Top Reasons for International Students:


New Zealand has been an attractive study abroad destination for students seeking quality education and career opportunities. New Zealand’s institutes and universities consistently receive high rankings, particularly for their nursing and technical courses. Moreover, New Zealand’s education system aligns closely with industry needs, providing students with a competitive edge upon graduation.

The emphasis on practical applications, internships, and research collaborations not only enhances the learning experience but also opens doors to a spectrum of career pathways. The experiences and education acquired during one’s time in New Zealand serve as a foundation for long-term success and personal growth. However, this makes studying in New Zealand a wise and rewarding choice for international students.

The government of New Zealand had approved around 62,000 student visas for international students to study in New Zealand by June 2023. Studying in New Zealand can be fruitful in the long run.

Top reasons to study in New Zealand:

The allure of studying in New Zealand is diverse, with multiple reasons contributing to its status as a premier educational destination. From the exceptional quality of education to the opportunity of a post-study work visa, several factors converge to make New Zealand an ideal choice for international students. Here are some compelling reasons why students opt to study in this captivating country:

  • Safe and inclusive environment: The culture of New Zealand is known for being open and friendly, which makes it a safe place for international students to study.
  • Quality Education: Universities in New Zealand consistently retain high global rankings for academic excellence and research, owing to the country’s renowned high-quality education system.
  • Post-study work visa: Post-study work visas grant graduates frequent opportunities to acquire work experience in New Zealand. Furthermore, certain individuals may meet the criteria for permanent residency.
  • Internationally Recognised Degrees: Degrees earned from universities in New Zealand gain international recognition and esteem, thereby expanding one’s professional opportunities on a global scale.
  • Affordable Education and Living Costs: New Zealand has a comparatively low cost of living when compared to many other study abroad locations, and there are several scholarship options available.

Top Universities and Institutes in New Zealand:

New Zealand hosts esteemed universities and institutes that draw students from around the world. These higher education institutions offer a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere for adjustment and growth. Here are a few top-tier universities that stand out as popular choices among students:

University or Institute in New Zealand Approximate tuition fees
Auckland University of Technology $30,000 – $50,000
Victoria University of Wellington $27,000-$45,000
Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology $20,000-$35,000
International College of Auckland $20,000-$30,000
IPU New Zealand Tertiary Institute $20,000- $35,000

Intakes in New Zealand

Universities and institutes in New Zealand typically offer two main intakes with varying application processing dates:

  • Spring intake: Occurring from February to June, this is the first intake of the year. Typically, the university accepts applications for this intake in January or February.
  • Fall intake: Running from July to November, the fall intake usually has an application deadline around July. However, several universities may consider applications even after this deadline.

These intakes encompass a wide array of courses, providing students with diverse options. Prospective students should verify the course availability and application deadlines specific to their preferred university before applying to ensure they meet all requirements.

Scholarships available for students who wish to study in New Zealand:

In support of accessible education, both the New Zealand government and international universities extend a range of scholarships, catering to varying needs. These scholarships, whether fully funded or partially funded, aim to ease the financial burden for students.

Numerous opportunities exist for international students seeking to study in New Zealand, with a diverse array of scholarships awaiting deserving candidates:

  • New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships: The Government of New Zealand offers a scholarship to Indian students intending to pursue a PhD in New Zealand. The scholarship includes comprehensive coverage, such as health insurance up to NZ$600 for three years, covering university tuition fees, student levies, and living expenses of up to NZ$25,000.
  • New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA): The NZEA scholarship specifically targets Indian students. It is a collaborative effort between New Zealand’s eight universities and Education New Zealand’s (ENZ) Manapou ki te Ao. The awarded amount varies based on the New Zealand universities to which an individual applies, typically ranging between NZD 10,000 and NZD 20,000.
  • University of Auckland International Student Excellence Scholarship: The University of Auckland extends this scholarship opportunity to new international students applying for a Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) or a 120-point Master’s programme, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Top careers in New Zealand:

Each year, New Zealand sees a surge in job opportunities across various sectors, with certain fields experiencing higher demand based on their popularity. However, when pursuing a job, it’s crucial to align your choice with your unique skills, interests, and abilities. Here are some of the top career prospects and in-demand jobs within related fields:

Career Average Salary
Information Technology Manager NZ$120k – NZ$185k per annum
Legal Professionals NZ$45k – NZ$120k per annum
Chief Executives NZ$90k – NZ$250k per annum
Marketing Manager NZ$96k – NZ$220k per annum
Financial Advisor NZ$75k – NZ$250k per annum
Information Technology Architect NZ$130K – NZ$200K per annum
Senior Communications Specialist NZ$70K – NZ$255K per annum


New Zealand stands as a premier study abroad destination, captivating both local and international students alike. Its allure lies in a wealth of prospects across diverse educational realms, particularly for students coming from nursing and engineering backgrounds.

The country’s academic landscape offers an array of opportunities, fostering an enriching environment where aspiring minds explore endless possibilities. New Zealand’s renowned educational excellence and pathways in fields like nursing and engineering draw students to the country. The immersive experiences and promising career prospects make it a top choice for those seeking a holistic and fulfilling educational journey.

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