Top education consultants that can help you get into the United States this January Intake

USA Jan Intake

The United States of America is a perfect destination for international students due to its world-renowned educational institutions, diverse and inclusive learning environment, and wide range of academic programmes. American universities offer cutting-edge research facilities, renowned faculty, and a global reputation for excellence. Additionally, the USA’s multicultural society allows international students to experience a rich blend of cultures, fostering personal growth and global perspectives. The country provides numerous opportunities for internships, practical training, and networking, enhancing students’ career prospects.

The January intake in the USA refers to the opportunity for international students to begin their academic programmes in January, which is the mid-year or spring semester. This intake provides several benefits, including flexibility in admission, availability of courses, smaller class sizes, and the chance to optimise summer internships. It also allows students to adjust to the new environment before the larger group of students in the fall intake. Though the USA is not the cheapest country to study abroad for Indian students, students still prefer to study there.

Here is a list of the best education consultants in India, and they may assist you in applying to the United States for the January intake:


IOA Global is one of the top educational consultancies in Delhi when people search for “best study abroad consultants near me” on Google. They were established in 2006 and use cutting-edge methods to help students with housing guidance, IELTS, PTE, visa applications, counselling, programme selection, and university selection. Students have access to professionals who can help, respond to their questions, and ease their entry into the universities of their choice. Regardless of whether you are applying for an autumn or spring intake, they will help you choose the finest university. You will receive assistance from the specialists to meet all of the deadlines for the January intake in the United States, which is one of the cheapest countries for Indian students. Students can choose the most advantageous and affordable country with their assistance. One of the companies with the most thorough study is IOA Global.


Address: I-59/60, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, 110024

Contact number: +91 9205294961


When it comes to placing foreign students in India, IDP is the market pioneer and a well-known brand. They provide a variety of services, such as help with applications, suggestions for study abroad universities, and help with visas. They are a well-liked option among students because of their extensive network of connections with colleges all over the world and the tailored help and support that their qualified counsellors offer throughout the entire process. They will assist you throughout the complete US admissions application process for the January intake.

Address: Rajouri Garden, Nehru Place, Noida


LeapScholar wants to create a network of talented Indian students who want to study abroad. Their objective is to assist future world leaders as they pursue jobs abroad. Leap Scholar offers thorough advice on the application process and will make you aware of all the guidelines you must follow when completing a study abroad application. However, if you type “overseas education consultants near me” into a search engine, Leap Scholar might be one of the results.

Address:Bengaluru, Karnataka


Leverage Edu made its debut at the beginning of the year with Akshay Chaturvedi. He developed the finest application process for students from Nepal, India, Nigeria, and other developing nations trying to enrol in universities abroad. You will be informed about the top United States universities for foreign students looking to target and pursue higher education in the January intake. Students provide every service they can and assign each one to a dedicated mentor in order to help them use the resources and achieve their goals.

Address: Windsor Grand, Raipur Khadar, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201313

  • EDWISE- 

One of the best consulting firms for foreign education, Edwise Foreign, offers specialised advisory services and gives each stage of the study abroad process equal attention and effort. To help students be accepted into the institutions of their choice, the company is committed to giving them a rich and inspiring study abroad experience. Your main selections will thus be the United States universities that will begin accepting students in January.

Address: South Extension I, New Delhi

The United States of America is an ideal destination for international students due to its top-tier educational institutions, inclusive learning environment, and diverse academic programmes. The January intake option further enhances the appeal by offering flexibility in admission, availability of courses, smaller class sizes, and the opportunity to optimise summer internships. Apart from the US, students can also look out for Germany, the UK, Canada, and France, as they are considered the cheapest countries to study abroad for Indian students