Top 10 most affordable universities in the UK for 2022-23

Universities in the UK are renowned for serving the finest education around the world. Students from different nations wish to pursue their education in the UK. But, the question of affordability terrifies students. Those considering studying in the UK would be happy to know that the UK is home to affordable and prestigious universities. Quality education at low-cost tuition fees especially in the UK is admired by everyone. Since affordability becomes one of the major parameters to deciding on studying abroad.

Why study in the UK?

The UK is usually the first choice for international students to study. Check out the reasons for making the UK:

Part-time work allowed: International students enjoy the liberty to work while they are studying in the UK. Though, the British Government has certain rules in relation to working hours, as you can work for 20 hours a week.

Prospective career growth: Getting a degree from an esteemed university in the UK paves the way toward a successful career.

High teaching standards: Students opting out to study in the UK are assured of receiving a high-quality education. The faculty look forward to maintaining high standards of teaching.

Scholarships and grants: There is no surprise that studying in the UK can be fruitful in financial terms. You are granted scholarships to study in the country.

Check out the list of the top 10 universities providing affordable and finest education:

Staffordshire University:

Established in 1914, Staffordshire is a world-class university intending to educate students in science. With two campuses located in Stafford and Stoke-on-Trent, the university aims to provide the finest education to its students. For many years, the university is in the list of the top 100 universities in the UK, which boosted the enrolment rate.

Tuition fee for 2022-23:

Undergraduate courses fee: £14,500

Postgraduate courses fee: £15,500

Teesside University:

Teesside University offers quality education and training to students at affordable pricing. Teesside University is home to thousands of international students. The university provides a wide range of programs for undergraduates and postgraduates. With its firm roots laid in Middlesbrough, faculty at the university focus on offering exposing students to advance knowledge.

Undergraduate course fee: £13,000

Postgraduate course fee: £13,000

University of Bedfordshire:

Talking about the affordable universities in the UK? And not adding the name of the University of Bedfordshire would be unfair. This university occupies five campuses in the UK. The program offered at the university focuses on developing skills to perform better in the corporate world. Students from diverse nationalities and faith are welcomed at the university.

Undergraduate courses fee: £12,650

Postgraduate courses fee: £13,000

Leeds Trinity University:

Leeds Trinity University is one of the affordable options open for international students. The vibrant and ambitious academic community of Leeds Trinity University works with a view to providing 100% academic satisfaction. They promote a rich culture and focus on the advancement of students. The university wishes to provide the best for students, so they are developing media and journalism study degrees.

Undergraduate courses fee: £12,000

Postgraduate courses fee: £11,500- £12,500

University of Bolton:

Adding the University of Bolton to the list of affordable universities is significant. This public university accommodates over 11,000 overseas students from across the globe. At the University of Bolton, the main focus is to offer students a bundle of opportunities to grow academically. They accept diversity and offer students the tempting choice to advance their careers in prospective fields.

Undergraduate courses fee: £12,950

Postgraduate courses fee: £12,950 – £14,450

University of Chester:

The University of Chester is a well-regarded applied research university founded in 1992. The university constantly makes effort to furnish students with an exceptional education. The open and inclusive environment at the University of Chester infuses high spirits of academic excellence among students. The university holds an elite position being a member of the Cathedral group, the Association of Commonwealth Universities, and the North West Universities Association.

Undergraduate courses fee: £12,950

Postgraduate courses fee: £13,450

University of West London:

Listed among the most affordable universities in the UK, the University of West London is a popular public research institute. The university has had its roots in the UK since 1860. With a vast history, UWL thrives to engage young learners in academics and develop a strong ethical sense among them. Located in the heart of London, UWL has a presence in Ealing, Brentford, and Berkshire.

Undergraduate courses fee: £12,750

Postgraduate courses fee: £13,250

Coventry University:

Coventry University is renowned for offering unique courses like ethical hacking and disaster management. The dynamic atmosphere at university allows students to better equip themselves with the finest education. Students at the university are given chances to advance their skills and talents in the real world.  Coventry University keeps on coming up with a revolution to further assist students to adapt to new learning.

Undergraduate courses fee: £15,300

Postgraduate courses fee: £18,250

University of Cumbria:

Founded in 2007, the courses at the university are tailored to effectively assist students. It offers multiple courses in Arts, Engineering, Education, Environmental Science, Liberal Arts, and many more. Being the most affordable university out there, the University of Cumbria holds a good reputation globally. The prestigious teaching style with a high rate of student satisfaction motivates faculty and the university to innovate.

Undergraduate courses fee: around £13,250

Postgraduate courses fee: £13,250

University of Buckingham:

In a short period of time, the University of Buckingham has laid a benchmark for other universities. The low tuition fee attracts students to study at the university. The enrolment rate of students is high with approximately 2000 overseas from around 90 countries. Courses in the university are designed to empower students and enrich their skills.

Undergraduate courses fee:  £13,656

Postgraduate courses fee:  £15,408 – 34,000


Universities in the UK provide students with quality education to help them fit in the global market. However, accommodation costs and tuition fees when blended become an expense. These expenses can become a barrier for students to pursue their degree in the UK. International students longing to study in the UK need not worry about tuition fees now. Since most of the universities in the UK provide affordable education to students. This list is endless, so there is no need to compromise on your dreams.