Popular Job Sectors in the UK in 2023


The United Kingdom is the hotspot of opportunities for fresher and more experienced candidates. The UK holds a strong economy and is a hub of popular companies. Skilled applicants from different backgrounds are welcome to apply for a job in the UK.  Recruiters from various companies are always in a search of young and fresh talents like engineers, marketing consultants, accounting managers, and assistants. The UK is the fastest-growing country that offers jobs to young and experienced candidates.

Let’s take a look at the high-demanding jobs in the UK:

Human Resource Directors:

It is one of the highest-paying jobs in the UK.  The head of the human resource department is the director. The major work of the human resource sector is to hire employees and address the problems of employees. The human resource director ensures that all employees are satisfied with their jobs. Usually, the company looks forward to recruiting candidates with at least 10 years of experience in a similar field.

Average annual salary: 1,20,000 Pound

Programmers and software Developers:

All the countries developed and developing need IT and Software developers. Jobs in the IT department are flourishing in the UK market. Working in this sector will allow you to explore more options in the same field. Candidates with IT degrees will have higher chances to secure a position in the esteemed company.

Average annual salary: 60,000 Pound

Finance and Accounting:

Finance and accounting is the blooming sector in the market of UK. This sector is further divided into multiple other departments. Anyone with a sharp mind and who has a focus on details related to the finance field is eligible for the role. The salary ranges widely as per the role of the candidate.  There is a shortage of employees in the finance sector in the UK. Employers look forward to recruiting employees with a background in the finance sector.

Average annual salary: 35,000 Pound

Business analyst:

The strategic and management skills of analysts help businesses to grow and expand their reach to the masses. They collect information from different clients and then put it into execution. Recruiters look forward to hiring employees with certain skills like decision-making, documentation, and good communication skills.

Average annual salary: 40,000 Pound

Healthcare Professionals:

There is an increase in the demand for professionals in the healthcare industry. The vacancies in the healthcare sector are sharply increasing in the UK. Professionals in this sector are eligible to apply for different roles in the industry.

Average annual salary: 60,000 Pound

Digital Marketing Consultant:

The digital marketing sector is becoming extremely popular for the success and growth of the business. The advancement in technology is the major factor that has boosted the marketing of businesses and firms. Creating a business, and a brand is the main target of a digital marketing consultant. Anyone holding a business marketing degree is eligible for this role. A candidate who has good knowledge of social media and the internet is preferred for this position.

Average annual salary: 45,000 Pound


The demand for young professionals in the scientific field is high. The UK is getting a popular attraction for students holding a degree in scientific studies and research. This field is growing on a large scale in the UK. Candidates who possess knowledge in this field and are experienced are more likely to get recruited by the recruiters. In case, the student is looking forward to pursuing higher studies to get acquainted with appropriate skills, then multiple affordable universities in the UK provide courses for sharpening your skill.

Average annual salary: 98,000 Pound

Store manager:

Being a store manager, your responsibility will include maximizing profits and generating business for the store. Since you are head of the team, you need to assist other executives working under you. A store manager should have hands-on details and awareness about the industry. The jobs for store managers are popular in the UK market.

Average annual salary: 30,000 Pound

Project manager:

Project managers are required to handle the project with an eye for detail. You will be responsible to handle and execute the projects by supervising the team. Candidates who have project management skills, and good leadership and communication skills will be suitable for this role. Recruiters from different industries wish to generate their business at great speed, so this general requirement for project managers.

Average annual salary: 45,000 Pound

Delivery Driver:

Each country has a requirement for delivery drivers to serve the residents with quality service. It is also one of the highest-paying jobs compared to other jobs in the UK. The work in this job is simple, the employee just needs to provide customers with their ordered products within the given time limit. The criterion for selection is simply a person with good driving skills and holding a driving license is eligible.

Average annual salary: 35,000 Pound

Customer Assistant:

To put it in simple words, customer assistants have the simple job to assist customers in times of difficulty. This job opportunity will help a person gain expertise in this sector. Recruiters will be happy to hire a candidate who has technical knowledge relating to the products and services offered by the firm.

Average annual salary: 20,000 Pound

Operation Manager:

The main task of the operation manager is to look after the overall functioning of the company. Operation managers are responsible to maintain the core operations like planning, staffing, designing and directing the company. Recruiters look for talented candidates who have an eye for detail holding a post-graduate degree.

Average annual salary: 50,000 Pound


There are wide-ranging jobs available in the UK for young talent and experienced candidates. The list of job opportunities in the UK is endless. Anyone who wishes to develop their career in any sector has a higher chance of getting successful. Most of the universities in the UK are affordable and provide high-quality education to students. The chances of students qualifying from these universities will have double chances to get recruited by top companies in the UK.