Expert’s view on why study in the United Kingdom

Why study in the UK ?


Are you confused about whether to pick UK as your one-stop destination to study abroad?  After all, picking a destination for overseas education seems just as challenging as finalizing your menu for the day. Well if that’s the case, you have landed at the right place. Given below are expert-curated tips on why study in UK is the best choice for Indian Students. 

One of the reasons to choose UK as your prime destination is because it set’s a benchmark for high-quality education with some of the oldest and most prestigious universities. A degree from universities in the United Kingdom will be a highlight to your resume and will bring about great future prospects shaping your career. QS Rankings are proof as some of the top universities like Oxford and Cambridge University popularize study in the UK among students across the globe. With revolutionary teaching standards and a unique curriculum designed for the holistic development of the students, the United Kingdom is a leading choice not just among the top employers in the industry but also among students moving out to study abroad.


  1. QS rankings have a valid point!

Academic excellence is what makes study in the UK a top priority among students. The topics are designed keeping in mind the current industry standards preparing students for the competitive industry. Oxford and Cambridge University acquiring the first and the second position respectively in the recent QS ranking is self-explanatory why the United Kingdom is known to be the nation of education. Academic topics are designed in a way to prepare students for the creative and challenging environment which helps students to reach their best potential while pursuing their education. 

  1. Flexible Work permit is a bonus

The university cooperates with the students allowing them to work part-time for up to 20 hours a week to help them afford all necessary expenses like student accommodation, travel expenses, etc. The university believes that the students should get exposure from the industry while they study in the UK as well as seek opportunities to afford their tuition fees all on their own. 


  1. Cultural diversity makes it happening

The United Kingdom is a diversified country with a large foreign student population. In fact, the United Kingdom is the world’s second most popular destination for international students. Because of this diversity, the campuses are a melting pot of cultures. Students can meet people from all across the globe and learn about different cultures. Students who move out to study abroad not just gain immense exposure at some of the top universities in the United Kingdom but also gather insight about various cultural practices and beliefs from students of different nations. 


  1. Blooming work opportunity 

The universities in the United Kingdom are a leading choice among the employers of top industries in the market. With the flexible work permit, students gain industry exposure as well as learn new skills to shape their careers. With powerful networks, the university helps to secure an internship with top companies to provide a competitive edge to the students while they are pursuing their education. The UK government has also announced a new post-study visa that would allow international students to stay and work in the UK for an additional two years starting in the summer of 2021 making study in the UK a preferable choice for students planning to study abroad


  1. What better than the short duration of the courses

Another reason why you should affirm to study in the UK is that the duration of courses is shorter in comparison to the courses of other countries. The UK education system offers shorter and more rigorous courses, allowing you to graduate sooner while maintaining high quality. While an undergraduate program can be completed in three years, a graduate program can be completed in just one year. This not only saves your time, but it also saves money spent on tuition and living expenses.


  1. Let the wallet relax

Another win-win situation for the students is controllable finances in the universities of the UK. Students can use the expertise of their study abroad consultant to seek scholarships in these universities. The duration of courses being short and the living cost being affordable adds to the list of reasons why students moving out to study abroad should prefer the United Kingdom. Remember to invest more time in researching the destination with your study abroad consultant keeping key expenses like student accommodation, cost of living, and work opportunities in mind.


  1. Hitting a six with health benefits

What better than getting access to free medical treatment being an International student while pursuing education in some of the top universities in the United Kingdom? For students to avail of this offer, a small amount of International Health Surcharge (HIS) is paid through the National Health Service (NHS). We at IOA global take care of everything you would require for a comfortable stay; with Tailor-made solutions and the expertise of the consultants working towards bringing the best opportunities for the students to study abroad. 


Final Thought

If you are considering the United Kingdom as your one-stop destination for high-quality education, academic excellence, and immense work opportunities to shape your career over the years, then you are moving towards the right road. Students gather multiple skills with flexible work permits and a shorter duration of courses allowing them to gain industry experience while they study in the UK. Not to miss out, affordable living expenses and scholarships offered to the students, make the United Kingdom an undoubtedly one-stop destination for expanding career prospects. 

IOA Global is here to make this journey worth a while for you. We have successfully helped more than 1500 students to live their dreams to study abroad. Our vision is to cater to Taylor-made solutions which prepare the students for every aspect of this journey from the application process to the interview round and ensure favorable outcomes. So whatever point you are in, visit us and remove your doubts at IOA Global or call us at 011-491461461 / 9654544247 / 9971403636

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