How to Score high in PTE Academic Writing Test?

PTE Academic is the globally accepted English test for study abroad and immigration for the non native English speakers. It is a three hour computer-based test which assesses reading, writing, speaking and listening tests is for aspirants who aspire to study abroad for higher education but come down from countries where English is not the native language.

Tips and tricks to score high in PTE Academic Writing Test

PTE Academic is the globally accepted English test for study abroad and immigration for the non native English speakers. It is a three hour computer-based test which assesses readingwritingspeaking and listening tests is for aspirants who aspire to study abroad for higher education but come down from countries where English is not the native language. PTE Academic test evaluates a real-life calculation of language proficiency of test takers and the score of PTE Academic is accepted for admission to quite a lot of institutions in and across the world, including countries like – Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA etc. It is accepted in around 3000 institutions globally. There are various PTE Academic test cracking strategies like Time Management, Mock Tests, rigorous practicing of sample papers which are given to students by the best PTE coaching centers in Delhi along with the best training they need.

At the time of the PTE Academic test, Candidates need to use a computer and a headset to listen, respond and read the questions. Candidates typically come across real-life academic content like the candidate hears small excerpts from instructions a lecture or made to view charts and graphs the candidate hears small excerpts from instructions are also given to the candidates to understand. The candidate hears varieties of accents in the test, from British and American to non-native speakers. Also, gets exposure to the type of accents they may encounter in everyday life when the candidate is staying abroad for higher studies.

PTE coaching centers in Delhi will help you to practice at your best

Mock tests are also taken so that it gets easier day by day and to understand what are the problems and difficulties that you are facing. The good news is that Candidates are open to schedule their tests in as little as 24 hours advance. They can come for a single three hours session test and can receive the results within five days.

PTE Academic writing test undoubtedly gives hard times to both the beginner participant as well as the experienced candidates. The PTE Academic Writing Test consists of two sections – Summarize Written Text and Write an Essay. Unlike the PTE Academic Reading test, the PTE academic arranges the speaking test and writing test together and it takes 77 to 93 minutes.

To keep the score better there are various tips below that you can follow while your preparation

Keep your sentences small and straightforward:

Long and complicated sentences may attract you more, but remember that in PTE Academic Writing Test these kinds of sentences are you enemy. Try to keep the sentences as simple and short as possible with least punctuation. Long sentences are tending to have more grammatical errors. To the PTE test assessors, short, clear and logical sentences are more impressing that the long ones.

Be careful while reading the passage:

Read the essay quick thoroughly to have a clear and basic understanding of what you should do. This is a fundamental step to take hold of the core. Focus straight on the topic when you understand it and don’t spoil it with any extra additional topics. Some essay asks your opinion on the given topic. If you do not answer it on the point and go additional, it will highly impact your score in PTE Academic Writing Test. So, read the passage thoroughly and notice the core of the question before you start writing.

Time Management:

Along with practice, time management is the key to your PTE Academic writing test. You must not exceed word limits. You must have only 30 minutes for the exam. To manage time you must focus on the word limit and try not to increase anywhere from 50 words. Increasing from your word limit won’t bring full marks. Always keep notice of the limited time. The length of the essay should be around 200 to 300 words. Do not exceed that.

Practice and Practice more:

Practice writing quickly, if you do so, you will get the habit of thinking fast and writing when the time flies. Review your performance and practice writing quickly so it improves delivering your idea at fast pace.

Check what you have written:

This is very important so that you do not have mistakes in your writing. Most of the time, you submit without proof reading what you have written. This increases the chance of silly mistakes, punctuation and sentence formation. These are crucial points which if not taken into notice will impact your score badly.

Plan your points before writing:

People are generally afraid to plan the points so that they don’t lose time. But planning your points before you write is very important. It is because you will not suffer when you are in the middle of your writing and you will know what you are writing. It ultimately saves time. You must practice to be faster. A good PTE Coaching in Delhi will help in this.

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