Do this to prepare for IELTS reading test.

Here are some Working Tips for EILTS reading exam 

By now, you must have all your material lying in front of you and the thought, How to prepare for the IELTS exam is bugging you day and night. Remember that the IELTS exam is your gateway to some of the most prestigious universities across the globe, so now the ball is definitely in your court. If you have landed here, you must have questions about how to prepare for the IELTS Reading Test in specific, so here we are catering best tips for one to kick-start their preparation for the upcoming IELTS Reading Test


The International English test or what we call the IELTS exam is usually taken by anybody who is preparing to move out to either study abroad, work, or immigrate across the globe to a country where English is the dominating language. IELTS exam is accepted by 100+countries and over 1000+ institutions across the globe. Students can appear for the exam much in prior before flying out for overseas education or maybe for work since the score is valid for 2 long years. 

To begin with, you must understand that there are two different types of IELTS exams held, that carry different purposes for people flying abroad. One is the Academic Test and the other one is the General Test.

The academic test is conducted for the students planning to seek admission to one of the universities for higher education. The text will include questions similar to the ones asked at the university level to access the writing ability of the students

The General Test will be a simpler one for students applying to study below the degree level. People who immigrate to another country or have to move out for work commitments are required to appear for this exam. The questions are designed to assess everyday speaking skills that one would require to communicate with people.


Given below are some of the tips to help you ace the IELTS Reading Test with high scores:


1. The only way to crack the exam is to know the exam 

We say that again, the only way to prepare for the IELTS Reading test is to know the exam, sit and find out every single detail about the IELTS reading test. Be it the type of questions asked to the time constraints, all the key points should be on your tips before you jump in to start your preparation. Given below are some of the key instructions that you shouldn’t miss out on if you are ready to prepare for the IELTS Reading test.

  • Total time to appear for the exam: 1 hour 
  • Total number of questions asked: 40 questions 
  • Type of questions asked: Multiple choice, true and false, sentence completion, short answer question, etc.


    2. It’s reading time

 If you are not much of a reading person, visit the nearest book store today and pick out some of the interesting novels similar to your genera and just dig into it. Remember you have to do it one day so why can’t that day be today? To score well in the IELTS Reading section, you have to get into the habit of reading more be it different blogs, novels, or even journals. The more you read the better your vocabulary gets and this is the whole point of the IELTS reading test in particular. 


3.Don’t skip without reading the instructions 

Remember how we used to be allotted 15 minutes to just read the question paper and we never took it seriously? Well now is the time you understand how important the reading time is to score well in the IELTS exam. Many students lose out on marks just because they didn’t read the question properly and were too excited to jump to it. Give significant time to every detail mentioned in the question and once you are through with it start attempting the exam. IELTS Reading tests are popular for very specific details that can be a bit too heavy on the students, so be wise enough when dealing with them. Your study abroad consultant with guide you with all the pointers you must know before attempting this exam


4. Reading section is all about the scan, skim and summarize 

You might feel overwhelmed with the length of long essays on the paper, leaving you in a void of confusion. Well, the only way to get through this tunnel of panic and confusion is to use the technique of scanning, skim and summarizing the passage. You don’t have to understand every word in the comprehension passage, your task right here is to understand the gist of the text and then summaries it in your own words answering the questions only. Remember every minute is crucial so don’t waste your time understanding the entire passage because that is not something that will end you in the right boat.


5. Eye on the watch 

Balance is the key here; divide your time in a way that you don’t have to rush in the last few minutes haphazardly finishing questions. We understand that every student has a different speed of attempting the exam, so accordingly divide your time. You can use 20 minutes for every section, solely using 3-4 minutes just for reading. Pick out the longer questions first with a fresh mind and then hoop to the easier ones.


6. Transferring answers requires time

This is the part where most students lose marks only because they are under pressure. We all know how things mess up when we perform under pressure, so it’s best to spare some time for this part to not commit silly errors while transferring the answers during your IELTS Reading test. Students end up answering the questions for so long that they completely forget the part where they have to transfer the answers as all. Make sure you end up practicing this section while you prepare for the IELTS Reading test


Final thoughts 

We understand that this journey is prodigious for you, after all, the IELTS exam is a big step indeed to witness your dreams come true. We highly advise you to prepare under the expertise of teachers established in the industry for a long. Use the net to search for the IELTS coaching center near me and begin your journey of better opportunities and growth. 011-491461461 / 9654544247 / 9971403636