Cybersecurity and new developing courses in Australia:


Australia has an excellent reputation as a friendly and secure nation with a superior quality of life. It has vibrant urban centres, breathtaking natural scenery, and exciting adventure sports. Students from around the world prefer studying in Australia to enrich their knowledge and work on their skills.

Additionally, it has been noticed that students in Australia can take part in and show their skills in a variety of cybersecurity competitions and challenges hosted here. Usually, the tuition fees for a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity range from $8,000 to $35,000 per year. However, the tuition fees might fluctuate.

Cybersecurity degrees in Australia:

Students can avail themselves of different types of degrees in cybersecurity. Check out the level you are eligible to study at:

  • Bachelor Degree in Cybersecurity: Under this undergraduate programme, students will be given a comprehensive knowledge of cybersecurity rules, network safety, computer forensics, and information security management.
  • Master’s Degrees in Cybersecurity: Postgraduate programmes that provide advanced knowledge in fields including information security administration, secure coding, ethical hacking, and cybersecurity policy
  • Diplomas in Cybersecurity or Graduate Certificates: Cybersecurity graduate certificates and diplomas are shorter programmes designed for working individuals who wish to specialise in a particular field.
  • Ethical Hacking: Under this course, students are taught how to use hacking techniques in a responsible manner in order to locate security loopholes in a system or network and how to fix them.

Top universities for cybersecurity in Australia:

Universities in Australia aim to provide students with courses that make them job-ready. Cybersecurity is one such course that enables students to get equipped with the relevant knowledge required to get a job. There are many universities in Australia that provide students with cybersecurity courses. A few top universities are listed below:

Name of the University Courses in Cybersecurity Tuition fees for a year
Swinburne University of Technology ·Bachelor of Cyber Security

· Master of Professional Engineering: Cyber Security

$8,300 – $38,600
Deakin University ·Bachelor of Cyber Security

·Master of Cyber Security

$8000 – $31,000
University of New South Wales ·Bachelor of Computing and Cyber Security

·Master of Cyber Security

$8,300 – $33,120
Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) ·Cyber Security (CSE) $20,000 – $25,000
University of Wollongong ·         Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security $4,200 – $8,500

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Careers in Cybersecurity:

As the need for cybersecurity experts grows, Australia has become a hub for relevant job possibilities. Among the most prominent professions in cybersecurity in Australia are:

Job Roles Average salary Companies
Cyber Security Analyst $110,153 per year or $56.49 per hour Regis aged Care, Country Road Group, CyberCX, Allura Partners, and e2 Cyber.
Ethical Hacker or Penetration Tester $125,000 to $175,000. Effective People, Accenture, EY, HiTech Group, Amazon Services Inc., and Energy Australia External.
Information Security Manager $135,000 to $175,000 Department of Regional NSW, St Vincent de Paul Society NSW, Opus Recruitment Solutions, Granite Consulting, and Flight Centre Travel Group.
Cybersecurity Engineer AUD 170,847 a year and AUD 82 an hour The Network Technology Recruitment, Team Global Express, Wipro, Opus Recruitment Solutions, Palo Alto Networks, and CyberCX
Malware Analyst $110,000 to $150,000 Rapid7, Deloitte, Connect One Recruitment, Palo Alto Networks, APS, and Agiro Digital Pty Ltd.
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) $210,000 – $250,000 per year Robert Walters, Lanson Partners, Ethos Beathchapman, the National Blood Authority, and the Inner West Council.
Cybersecurity Trainer or Educator $150,000 – $180,000 per year IDP Education Ltd, Curio, Insurance Australia Group Limited, MLC Life Insurance, Victoria University (VU), and CrowdStrike.

Scholarships for cybersecurity courses in Australia:

There are multiple scholarships offered in Australia to international students who are planning to pursue cybersecurity courses in the country. Below are a few scholarships for which a student can apply:

  • Excellence Scholarships: Deakin University offers the Student Support Scholarship, which awards students $10,000.
  • University Excellence Scholarship UOW PG Academic Excellence Scholarship: The University of Wollongong offers an Excellence Scholarship (UOW PG Academic Excellence Scholarship) to international students. As per this scholarship, students are offered a 30% waiver on tuition fees.
  • Melbourne Graduate Scholarship: One of the most popular scholarships for cybersecurity courses in Australia is the Melbourne Graduate Scholarship. The University of Melbourne is offering this scholarship, which entitles students to a 25% fee reduction.

Newly developed courses in the IT sector in Australia:

Considering the general trends, many new courses have been developed in the Information Technology sector to meet the needs of recent times. Apart from the cybersecurity course, students can consider the following courses, which are becoming increasingly popular:

Below are a few newly developed courses that are becoming popular among students:

  • Artificial Intelligence: There will undoubtedly be an additional category dedicated to AI and machine learning as these technologies gain popularity. Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, NLP, CV, and industry-specific AI applications may all be discussed in this course.
  • Data Science: The need for data scientists and big data analysts is growing as companies collect and analyse more and more information. Data mining, statistics, data visualisation, and data-driven decision-making are all possible topics for potential new programmes.
  • Blockchain Technology: Blockchain holds the potential to bring solutions to the world’s problems. There will be multiple courses that might emerge in the blockchain development sector, including smart contracts and blockchain integration in business.
  • User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design: UX (User Experience) research, interface design, usability testing, and UI prototyping are all possible areas of study as the importance of user-centred design grows.
  • Quantum Computing: The potential of quantum computing is tremendous. Quantum mechanics, algorithms, and the potential uses of quantum computers might all be covered in such a course.


In summary, Australia has emerged as a top-choice destination for pursuing technical courses. Ranging from cybersecurity to artificial intelligence, students are increasingly drawn to these specialized fields for self-improvement and career advancement. Particularly, cybersecurity has gained immense popularity among the younger generation. The expanding employment opportunities and lucrative compensation packages serve as compelling incentives for students to opt for cybersecurity courses in Australia. However, students can consider other course options to study abroad.