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What Students Say About Us

I am so thankful to IOA Global for their assistance. Their team of dedicated experts went above and beyond to assist me in my academic endeavors. From assisting me in selecting the appropriate course to guiding me through the application process, their knowledge and assistance were priceless.

Abhay Singh Rathore

I came to IOA Global with literally zero information, but their expertise and concern ensured that I made informed decisions and had a smooth adjustment to studying abroad. I am now enjoying my academic journey at a well-known university, and I owe a lot of thanks to IOA Global for helping me get there.

Rajan Yadav

IOA Global is the best study abroad consultancy in India; my counsellor assisted me with the university selection and application procedure. I am grateful to the IOA for making my ambition of studying abroad a reality. I am now enjoying my academic journey at a well-known university,



IOA Global has been an incredible resource for me throughout my study abroad journey. From the very beginning of university selection to the completion of my admission, their team provided me with exceptional guidance and support.

Aryan Vohra

I am pursuing my dream degree at a prestigious university thanks to IOA Global. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to any student seeking reliable and effective study abroad consulting.


Priya Luthra

IOA Global assisted me in obtaining my visa on time and passing my university entrance examination. I recommend IOA Global to my other students for professional advice and assistance with the study abroad process.

Gourav Garg