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People who told you nothing is free, they lied! At IOA Global we offer the best Study Abroad education and career counseling services to students absolutely free!
  • IOA GLobal offers expert guidance to make your dream of obtaining an international world class qualification to grow faster in your career. We will not only help you to choose the correct course, college and country but also advice you on your career goals in the industry.
  • You need to know the facts about study abroad and the best options within your budget. Not just any sales pitch from vested interests. One wrong decision and it will impact you for the rest of your life. So choose carefully.

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IOA Global will help you with:

Choose the Correct Course
You need to know which course is the best for you: Diploma, Bachelor, Masters or MBA? With various specializations available you need to make the correct choice.
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Choose the Correct Country
The world’s best destination for education is simply based on 2 factors: Its reputation in the industry and its successful alumni. How do you choose the correct country when deciding where to study abroad?
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Choose the Correct College
Ranking does matter. If you can afford it, go to the best. Just like you choose the best hotel brand to work in, choose the best college as per your budget.
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Go Abroad Via IOA Global
After Choosing the Course, College and Country, IOA Global will process your application for your abroad education. Hope you understand. If not feel free to contact us directly. 🙂 We will resolve your all the queries regards IELTS, PTE and Studying Abroad.
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