PTE, the Elite English Proficiency Test

Understand, Practice and Rule PTE

Pearson Test of English or PTE Academic is required for students who aspire to migrate to Australia and other such countries for academic or career purpose. It is a new face among the Universal English proficiency tests. Recently introduced in 2009, PTE has by now gained a great reputation and is accepted in many international universities and immigration purpose in different countries.

English proficiency Test

It is now the leading computer-based exam of English language for overseas education and migration purpose. It’s advantageous as the results typically are faster than other English Proficiency tests. Also it has official mock tests which help the students understand their ability better and help them improve their preparation and their test. PTE Academic score range between 10-90 points, the average PTE score being 60-65 points.

The PTE Academic test assesses listening, reading, speaking and writing modules, using computer in 3 hours, divided into three parts:

1 Speaking & Writing 77-93 minutes
  • Introducing self
  • Reading Aloud
  • Sentence repeating
  • Image describing
  • re-telling recording
  • Answer Short Question
  • Summarize Written Text
  • Essay
2 Reading 32-41 minutes
  • Multiple Choice, Single Answer
  • Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer
  • Paragraphs Re-ordering
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Reading & Writing Fill in the Blanks
3 Listening 45-57 minutes
  • Summarize Spoken Text
  • Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Highlight Correct Summary
  • Multiple Choice, Single Answer
  • Select Missing Word
  • Highlight Incorrect Words
  • Write From Dictation

The test takers get optional scheduled break of 10 minutes.

All the test takers must prepare accordingly for the PTE Academic test even if you are fluent in English, because lack of preparation would affect your performance and ultimately your PTE score. Along with that, be positive as you won’t be able to retain anything if you are anxious, and if you feel stressed. Take the exam with calm, confident frame of mind because it is a computer based exam and you won’t have the option to correct yourself.

PTE Academic Score

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